I'm a New York Times and international bestselling author of contemporary romantic fiction. My novels have been translated into twenty-five languages around the world. Gen-Xer. Feminist. Hopeful romantic. Fueled by coffee, a supportive spouse, and a never-ending feeling that I've forgotten to do something.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Which of your novels can be read as standalone stories?  Easy, Sweet, and Brave (from the Contours of the Heart® series), Between the Lines and Good For You (from the Between the Lines series). The others are supporting novels and are not meant to be read alone. (See my Books Page for series order.) Please note: Standalone stories do build on each other, so you're likely to "spoil" an earlier story by reading a later one first. If that doesn't bother you, however, feel free to mix it up!

Is Breakable a sequel to Easy?  Breakable is Lucas's story, a companion novel to Easy. It alternates between prequel and Easy-overlap from Lucas's point of view, for readers who requested a more in-depth look at Lucas's past as well as his perspective during the Easy story.

I have a question about a particular story or a debate to settle about a character. Will you answer it? Probably, but shoot me a contact form message rather than asking on social media. I hate spoilers as a reader so I try to protect readers from stumbling upon them as an author.

Will [insert title here] be released in my language?  To date, Easy has been acquired for translation in twenty-five languages! Please check my Translations Page for links and additional translated books. If you want a particular book in your language, ask publishers for it! Authors want all of our books translated everywhere. Publishers listen to what readers (buyers) want.

May I interview you?  I've given lots of interviews, so new questions and/or topics are appreciated! Please include a link to your blog/website with your request, and the general topic of the interview (or the questions themselves). You may hear back from my publicist or from me directly. Depending on where I am in my current writing schedule, turnaround will vary, so please plan as much time as possible.

I'm writing an essay about your book and my instructor requires information about you I can't find. Why not?  With a handful of exceptions, a (living) author is a regular person doing a job. If an instructor is unable to understand my basic, reasonable privacy controls, and how these should not affect your grade, please have them contact me and I (or my agent) will explain it.

Will you do a guest post for my site? It depends on my writing schedule and the topic you have in mind (related to writing or publishing only, please). I'm an infrequent blogger. This is due to manuscript deadlines and personal, non-writing responsibilities rather than a lack of opinions on stuff. In all honesty, I will likely say, No, thank you. If, however, you have a topic that sparks my interest and you don't mind me using the finished post on my blog as well (with a linkback), you might get a Maybe…?

How'd you get published?  Any success I've enjoyed as an author can be attributed to a combination of determination, luck, and emotional support. Most questions are answered in this post: Indie Writing FAQs or this guest post: How I Did It. Need a critique partner or writing circle? Here's one of many places to start: CritiqueCircle.com. Finally, sometimes you just need to put your butt in the seat. Here are my Rules of the Writing Cave.


Will you read and/or blurb my book?  I'm always flattered by requests to read and/or endorse another author's work, but my reading time is limited and I take endorsement seriously. I only promote books (in blurbs, reviews, or on social media) that I've read and loved. These are generally books I choose for myself or those recommended by a trusted book blogger or close friend, and occasionally my agent or editor. That said, if I've publicly praised a book of yours, I'm probably game for a blurb of it (or something new!). As a professional courtesy, please ask before quoting a portion of a review or post as an endorsement.

How do you pronounce your first name? Tammara  rhymes with camera.

Other questions?  Please use my Contact form to send them directly to me. :)


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For inquiries concerning rights and acquisitions (including subsidiary rights), please contact my literary agent, Jane Dystel, of Dystel, Goderich & Bourret Literary Management.

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