Still in Pajamas...

On writing/revising a novel: some days the damned thing is on fire and my fingers can barely keep up with my brain. Other days I am doing online billpay a week ahead of time out of sheer boredom. I'm making myself sit here at the computer... but as you can see, I can find other things to do at the computer.

Like updating my Facebook status and blogging.

The annoying thing is, I'm not bored, I'm just stuck. I feel like I'm on a train that's headed somewhere I really want to go... but something is on the tracks up ahead so we've been sitting motionless in the same spot for hours and dammit I'm going stir-crazy. What's on the tracks? If I knew that, I'd consider incorporating it!

I'd intended to finish the first draft by the end of December, and I'm behind my self-imposed goal. Apparently I'm not a bitchy enough taskmaster. This is the type of thing you just shove through. Get off the train. Pick a path. Storm down it, do or die.

Like this guy: LEEEEE-ROY!!!

Tammara Webber

New York Times and international bestselling author of contemporary romantic fiction