Who Needs Anemones

WIP day, as opposed to revision day... I actually got a couple of pages down!  When writing, I have to take breaks-that-are-not-actually-breaks to do research.  It's like writing your way up to a cliff and then realizing you have to write yourself a little bridge to get over that deep, deep gorge...

Today's research included:
  • Placental abruption
  • What doctors who supervise interns are called
  • Course titles of medical school students
  • Bodies of water that appear turquoise in color
  • The Great Barrier Reef
  • Fish of the GBR
  • Pretty fish of the GBR
  • Anemones or coral?

The last one triggered a need to listen to Owl City while I attempted to finish the second page, during which I was interrupted at least fourteen separate times:
  • by my I-need-to-see-my-girlfriend-tonight-can-you-drive-us? 15-year old (eight times, possibly more)
  • by the cable guy asking if we have a dog because he needed to screw with the cable box in the back yard
  • by cats knocking stuff off of Paul's desk (twice)
  • by various phone calls (three - and no one ever calls me! WTF?)

I suppose writing two pages was sort of a miracle (and/or those pages are total crap).