Almost Famous

Last week, I walked down to the Dean's office to drop off an emergency course sub form, and the admin asked me to sit for a moment. Then she told me that she and the Assistant Dean had looked up my book on the Amazon site. I didn't even know they knew about my book.

"Uh..." I said. "He looked at my book?" My romantic YA book, the complete opposite of the published scholarly stuff he's no doubt got all over his CV.

"You know what he's worried about, right?" she said.

"Uh..." I said. Going through my head: What? What? He's upset about my use of the f-word? He thinks I'm encouraging underage drinking, drugs and sex??

I was reaching the turn-around point of Hey! I'm not letting someone unconnected with publishing start telling me how to write at this point in my life! when she said, "He's afraid you'll get famous and quit."

"BWWAHAHAHAHAHA... Um, that's sort of unlikely, at this point. But thanks anyway."

Tammara Webber

New York Times and international bestselling author of contemporary romantic fiction