Work in Progress. Kinda.

I have a split personality when it comes to writing.

If I allow myself to go with the flow, this works out quite well because one side is creative, and the other is revisionary. Problems come from trying to force myself to do one when I'm in the mood to do the other. If I feel like creating and I force myself to work on edits, I can usually work around it, but I sometimes end up adding as much as I cut.

The worst is when I'm in the mood to edit and I'm trying to write. This is when I have staring contests with my laptop screen. (And yeah, I pretty much always blink first.) I can work all day on what turns out to be one freaking paragraph, which I might later judge as crap.

This weekend, I've been working on edits to my WIP. I currently have two critique partners and several invaluable beta-readers, and I got lots of editing notes back this week. One of my critique partners can't get to the manuscript until July, and since she's my toughest critic, I want to get through everyone else's revision suggestions before she sees it! (Sneaky, huh?)

The saddest thing is I've been unable to read as much as I'd like lately (my official to-read list doesn't even contain everything I'm currently "reading," and some nights I'm really anxious to spend some time curled up with a book or my Kindle). I had to skip the "Epic Readathon" yesterday that fellow author Tiffany King was helping host, which was a bummer. I participated by cheering from the sidelines.

The good news is I got a lot done yesterday. I've got 8-10 hours of work ahead of me today if I want to hit my goal of getting through all edits I've received so far, so I'd better get back to it.

Tammara Webber

New York Times and international bestselling author of contemporary romantic fiction