The sequel is going soooooo well. Everything I've ever written before (you know, all that stuff I said you guys do not wanna see?) has been stand-alone, so I haven't had the pleasure of writing with characters I already know well.

I've mentioned somewhere before that one of my sons told me that I shouldn't be allowed to blog, facebook or tweet because I like talking about what I'm writing so much that if someone asks me the right (wrong?) questions, I'm just going to give the whole story away and ruin it for everyone. Hopefully this doesn't fall into the "ruin it for everyone" category (and if so, well, it's too late now, because I already answered this question on facebook during the past week, and I'm answering it here because blog-only readers wouldn't have seen it):

From whose POV is the second book narrated? I had my intentions... and then I got started, and everybody wanted a say. So here are my narrators in order of appearance, after which they just speak up at random, depending on who can best show the action of the scene: Graham, Emma, Brooke, Reid.

I'm still working on the title, and will give you that (probably along with the cover?) when it's finalized. Warning: That won't be until reeeeeally close to publication time... Which WILL BE in October. If pushed on a date, I'll say October 31st, because no one will be upset if it's early!

Tammara Webber

New York Times and international bestselling author of contemporary romantic fiction