Sometimes it's the Journey...

...and sometimes, it's the Destination.

I think I'm kind of maybe almost done with Where You Are, though I'll be removing commas and putting them back in all the way to publication date, because that's what writers do. Not all of us, certainly. But I'd bet that for many, many writers, as long as it's in our hands, we're going to tweak it. Even if it doesn't need tweaking, and/or the tweaking is screwing stuff up. Which is why we've got to let go at some point.

My critique partners have weighed in, and I've made revisions based on their input. As soon as my last couple of beta readers get back to me with their feedback (both positive and much-needed "this part is boring" and "wtf is this word - he wouldn't say that" and "you kind of meshed two sentences here... and neither one makes any sense" comments), it's off to the copy editor.

I should probably launch right into edits of the next book, but I decided I need a short break. According to MS Word, I've been working on Where You Are for an average of ten hours a day, seven days a week since mid-June. (Full disclosure: Some of that time I had the document open when I was actually making coffee or scolding a cat or having a heart-to-heart *cough * gossip session *cough-cough* with one of my kids. However, that 70 hours/week doesn't include any writing or edits I did at work. Wait, what? I don't write at work. Psshh.)

Today, I read a few blog posts, and even commented on a couple. (Gasp!) And tonight, I sat next to my husband and I watched television. (Right after he gave me a Why are you downstairs? Am I dying?? look, and I was all, What? It hasn't been that long... and then I remembered it was pretty much the season finale of Glee.) Also, I can't remember how to work the remote.

I felt a little off-kilter. Like I've just emerged from a cave, and it's really bright out here. I think I'll take a few days to enjoy the scenery before I dive into edits on book three. (I can't stay away from it for long. I love doing it too much! Yeah, sometimes the journey is pretty cool, too.)

Tammara Webber

New York Times and international bestselling author of contemporary romantic fiction