Good For You update

Good For You has been sent to my kick-butt, perfectionist copy editor. When she gets it back to me, I'll make corrections/revisions as necessary, and then pass it on to my wonderful and equally perfectionist programmer. We're on track to upload to Amazon and B&N on December 16th.

I'm still struggling between two possible next projects, making notes and jotting scenes. Though both want to be written, neither has firmly pulled out front. One is a stand-alone that will definitely be written - it's just a matter of when. The other is a fourth (final) installment in the BTL series that I may or may not do.

Meanwhile, my To Do list includes a critique of the final-in-a-series manuscript from one of my critique partners (the incredibly sweet Elizabeth Reyes). She warned me that this last of her Moreno Brothers series is long, and OMG it is. Her fans should be all happy-happy-joy-joy about that. (Insider information: So far, I'm liking this story about Sal, the most enigmatic of the bunch, a LOT. Eli told me she cried while writing it. True story.)

Also on my To Do list: entire family coming over for Thanksgiving... and I've been so caught up in getting Good For You ready that I haven't planned a single part of it. Oops. Unless we're having frozen pizza, I'd better get on that.

And last but not least, I seriously need to catch up on my reading. The only reason I'm a writer is because I'm a reader. My nightstand stack is looking pretty solid, but isn't teetering - thanks to lots of purchased-but-not-read stuff on my Kindle. So in addition to critiquing, I'm going to be reading. (You wouldn't believe how excited that makes me!) If you follow my reviews on Goodreads, prepare for some activity (finally!).

Tammara Webber

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