Hearing Crickets

I've been quiet lately, but not to worry, the WIP is inching forward. I would promise that I'll be back to blogging and tweeting and facebook posting soon, but if anyone wants me to get any novel writing done, I won't be coming up for air very often for a while longer. (And by "a while" I mean until I have a workable first draft and can begin gathering critique partner feedback and working on revisions and edits.)

All of the social media began to get a bit out of hand recently - there are just too many points of contact: three email accounts, a facebook author page, my personal facebook, private messages on facebook, tweets to me or mentioning me, direct messages on twitter, Goodreads comments and inbox, and of course, blog comments. In addition, family, friends and coworkers text, call, and leave voicemail. Add to that: people who wait for me to remember to call.*

I don't mean to drop the ball on any of this, but inevitably, I'm going to miss stuff from time to time unless I check and respond to every venue, every day. The truth is, that's just not feasible. Writing requires quiet, uninterrupted time, ideally speaking. Most days, I have just enough time to either interact on social media or write. I'm not magical enough to do both at the same time.

This seems like a no-brainer to me. I'm a writer; I'm going to write. (In practical terms, that just means I may be a little slower on replying to emails, tweets, messages, etc, because I won't be checking them constantly. That also means I expect better/faster/stronger forward progress from myself on the new novel!)

See y'all in a while. :)

*Friends/relations/MOM, please stop doing this. If you need me and/or want to see me, speak up! I'm not forgetting you on purpose, I promise.

Tammara Webber

New York Times and international bestselling author of contemporary romantic fiction