Books for Art's Sake

Easy has been officially launched, but I'm not on vaycay just yet. We're formatting the book for paperback (the full cover is done; interior almost done). The BTL series has been formatted and new covers done for it as well. I intend to offer signed paperbacks, possibly here on the blog - but I have to make sure of a few things like Blogger requirements, paypal accounts, safe mail containers... these things are all new to me, so stay tuned if you're interested in owning a copy of Easy you can hold.

I look forward to the publishing world offering a free digital version of any book purchased in hardback or paperback form. As a reader, I will be all over that. I pre-ordered three books earlier this year that all came out on May 1st.* I didn't agonize much over which versions to purchase, because all three were already-begun series for me. This resulted in one Kindle pre-buy (Shine - Smith-Ready) and two hardbacks (Insurgent - Roth, and Bitterblue - Cashore). But I began reading Shine first, partly because it was the last in a trilogy... but mostly because it was on my Kindle. Apparently, reading on my Kindle has become my preferred way to read - even sitting around at home.

Honestly, I never thought that would happen. Not long ago, I was all old-school I like the look of books stacked on my nightstand, and I love the feel of a book in my hands, etc. Don't get me wrong - I still love those things... just... not while I'm reading. I do love the look of many of my books - their spines lined up on the shelves in an array of colors. I like to pull them out and stare at the covers - especially the ones that combine appearance and texture (ex: my hardback of Shine - Lauren Myracle).

Books I put on my shelves and hold in my hands have become art. Never saw that coming, either.

(Hey publishers - wanna keep those paper-based book sales alive? Keep those covers gorgeous and figure out how to give away a digital copy with each sale! Music and film have figured out how to do this, even with the multiple platforms available and the fact that this differs from customer-to-customer.)

*When I realized I would be entering the last 3-4 weeks of my own book launch when I received those books, I wanted to bang my head on my desk. Holy internal reader-author tug-of-war! I'm into Insurgent now and LOVING it, though there just aren't enough hours in the day to work and read...

Tammara Webber

New York Times and international bestselling author of contemporary romantic fiction