Book Signing

Lola and Moose are hoping to come to the book signing on Tuesday evening. I haven't informed them yet that the Barnes & Noble would prefer they remain at home. They were so much help today while I was boxing up books! By help I mean they tried out the boxes for size (to make sure all of the books would fit, of course), and Moose taste-tested one book (now going into my personal stash).

Everyone I know is very excited for me, mostly because there are things they don't understand about book signings:

(1) Unless you're one of those authors who are so famous that people who've never read your books know that you're an author, there aren't mobs of people or lines around the block. I expect much sitting around to be done. If you live close and want to stop by, you will likely be standing there talking to Abbi, Fisher and me all by yourself. One or two of my kids may be handy to snap a photo.

(2) Book signings don't make money. For indie authors especially, who have to shoulder ALL travel costs, they're a loss or a minor gain, financially. They really are fan appreciation, for authors who have the time and money to do them (or for traditional authors whose publishers pay for all the associated costs). I'm not traveling far, and that's why I'm tagging along with Abbi and Fisher, and not planning a "tour" just yet.

(3) Major chain bookstores don't seem to like indie book signings. When I called to ascertain how many books to bring (I've never done a book signing before, so I have no idea), the assistant manager informed me, rather snottily, "We will not be buying your leftover inventory when you're done." (As that was an answer to a question I hadn't asked, I wasn't sure how to respond. I think I laughed.) I guess they're unimpressed by the fact that all three of us sell pretty well, and that Easy made the New York Times Bestseller List - the big list (#33) and the ebook list (#21) - for June 24th. But that's okay. I impressed my 17-year-old, and he's a pretty tough crowd.

If you're nearby, please pop in and say hi. I'd love to meet you.

Tammara Webber

New York Times and international bestselling author of contemporary romantic fiction