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Honest, I'm not quite old enough to *know* that song from its inception...

Easy is now available in paperback, as are Between the Lines (BTL #1), Where You Are (BTL #2), and Good For You (BTL #3). Amazon doesn't quite have them all labeled and hooked up correctly, so don't worry if you wrote/write a review and it isn't showing up on both digital and paper versions. Once they get them combined, any reviews left on either will show up under both, since reviews speak to content.

These books are "print-on-demand" - and I've heard great and annoying stories involving how well that works. If you order a paperback and have ANY problem with how it looks, call Amazon's customer service and give them a piece of your mind. Give them a piece of mine while you're at it! ;) Hopefully, they'll come out as pretty as the proof set I got and approved last week.

My resident tech-savvy person hasn't had time to investigate the how-to of pay-pal buttons and getting them installed on blogs (and trust me, y'all don't want me trying to do that alone). Also, I've been told I might need to set up a production line on the kitchen table, and the kitchen table hasn't recovered from me being in writer-mode... which means it's currently still covered with stuff. (The neat freak in me is constantly appalled.) So for now, Amazon is your quickest way to get a paper version of the books.

The paperbacks should be available in the UK and EU stores as well - if not now, soon.

***Also - I'm doing a book signing on June 19th in downtown Fort Worth, Texas (see info on the right on the sidebar). I don't have plans to do any others at the moment - honestly, I'm just tagging along with Abbi Glines and Fisher Amelie.

Tammara Webber

New York Times and international bestselling author of contemporary romantic fiction