Penguin/Razorbill UK Announcement

I'm thrilled to announce that Penguin/Razorbill UK will be publishing Easy and the Between the Lines series for the UK/Commonwealth! (See the official press release here.) The fourth BTL and another New Adult novel are expected in 2013.

If I've seemed inordinately busy lately, it's because I've been reviewing the four existing manuscripts and their new edits, most of which consist a whole lotta punctuation flip-flops, a few word alterations for clarity, and many additions of the letter u. Reid now has a snarky sense of humour, and Graham's sister now has a flat off DeKalb. Those of you who know my Anglophilic tendencies know I am giddy over this. I celebrated by watching Bridget Jones (best-last-line-in-movie-ever) last night for the thirty-seventh time. (That's actually an educated guess; I haven't officially counted viewings.)

Tammara Webber

New York Times and international bestselling author of contemporary romantic fiction