Blatant Pre-Order Bribe

When I licensed the photo for the cover of Easy, I found several photos in that same shoot. Since I'd looked through thousands of photos, I knew which one I wanted for the cover the moment I saw it. But some of the others were great, too! So I licensed several photos I knew I'd never use for a book cover, but wanted for writing inspiration, and maybe some future book swag.

Below are two bookplates I designed for the launch of the new Penguin/Berkley version of Easy. One is from the cover, and the other was one of my favorite "inspiration" photos while writing. Each is approximately 3x4 inches, and adhesive-backed to go right inside the cover of your book. (I'll sign it in the blank spot above my printed name.)

Here's what's required if you want one:

* PRE-PURCHASE the Penguin/Berkley paperback of Easy (which releases November 6th) from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or IndieBound. (If you pre-purchased it before this post, that counts!)

* SCAN or ATTACH a copy of your receipt (please conceal any personal financial info!) in an email to the email address on my "About Me" page of this site.

* Subject line - so it will stand out from non-bookplate-related email: THE BRIBE WORKED

* I'll need to know: (1) Your name and mailing address, (2) Which bookplate you want ("cover" or "smiling")

Tammara Webber

New York Times and international bestselling author of contemporary romantic fiction