To the Cave!

BTL #4 is due to Razorbill UK on March 1. ("Hello, Reid.") If I want to get that writing done on time, I have several other writing projects to do first - promotional stuff for Easy. To me - it's five months old. To my publishers, it's brand new.

Indie publishing involves self-promotion at whatever level you feel like doing. If you don't want to do something, no one is there to make it sound exciting or palpable or try to talk you into it. You just say, "No, thank you," and/or don't do it. The End. When you have a publicist, they call you or send you deviously upbeat emails about the very cool stuff you should definitely try to fit into your schedule. And their emails always sound like they're smiling, even without smiley icons.

My response to such things: Okay. All right. I can do that. Hell yeah, I can do that.

But I spent yesterday doing errands I've been neglecting. OMG. And answering the emails piling up. OMFG! Don't even get me started on what the laundry room looks like. Today, at the urging of a reader, I posted photos I have of the couple  from Easy's cover to Facebook. First, the cropping and resizing, and then the flurry of comments - aka crack to anyone who posts photos on Facebook.

Meanwhile, I'm reading/giving feedback on a friend's WIP. (Yes, it's freaking awesome.) And I promised to read another friend's book, uh, tonight. I'm behind on at least one book review... maybe two? It's only 11:00 pm, and I'm so tired I could end up face-first on this keyboard any minute. (Can drool + laptop = electrocution?)

I need a nap! For. A. Week! But first - I've agreed to write a few posts/columns, do several Q&A-type interviews, and do a blog tour. And also write two books. All of this requires the sort of CAVE TIME usually reserved for noveling. So if you see me on Twitter or Facebook, please say What the hell do you think you are doing get back to your cave!


Tammara Webber

New York Times and international bestselling author of contemporary romantic fiction