Little and Often

A couple of people have emailed in the past week to ask where the hell I am, and if I've died or gone on extended vacation, so I figured an update was in order. For the record, I'm alive (yay!), busy writing my next book (yay!), and a year older (rats).


I'm working on the fourth (final) book in the BTL series (cover/title to be revealed). To get the manuscript turned in on time, I'm following Cave Rules - which explains my disappearing act. BTL #4 will be indie-published in the US and published by Penguin Razorbill in the UK. Tentative simultaneous publication: August 2013.

Fortune cookie does not excuse procrastination and scoffs at writer's block.

This last-of-the-series book was delayed when I couldn't get Jacqueline & Lucas to stop telling me their story last January. Easy was one of those books that demanded to be written. I assumed I'd be back to BTL #4 by the end of the summer... and then Penguin UK re-released the BTL series and Easy, and Penguin US re-released Easy, and there were edits and promo work to do for both, with the holiday season tossed in for good measure.

I'm deeply sorry to my original Between the Lines readers, because no one should have to wait this long for the last installment of a series. Thank you for your patience.

Patience is also the art of moping, but that doesn't make such a nice poster.

Tammara Webber

New York Times and international bestselling author of contemporary romantic fiction