Writers Are Readers, Too

Sometimes, people ask me for book recommendations. I'm never sure what to suggest - after all, just because I enjoy something doesn't mean others would (or vice versa). However, I do review books on Goodreads. Since I'm a big fan of Thumper's Rule, I don't write negative reviews, and I don't assign a rating. If it's on my list, though, I liked it. (Or I wrote it. But in that case, no review... although that might be a funny thing to do: "What was this author thinking?!? Doesn't this character know she's in a book?")

I started writing reviews a long time ago on Visual Bookshelf, now defunct. Many people transferred their reviews to Goodreads seamlessly... but I managed to lose (I still cry inside when I write this) close to 200 reviews when I transferred. I don't hate technology, but occasionally, it hates ME.

You &?#%$*! son of a $&#^! #&^*% #*$&!!!

At the moment, I have precious little time to read, and even less time to write reviews - though I love doing them. So for anyone looking for straight-up recommendations, my "to-be-read" list is made up of books I've read (and liked) but haven't had time to review.

Happy reading!