Giveaway Winners Emailed

Last week, I decided to do a BIG GIVEAWAY: Ten sets of the first three books in the Between the Lines series. My reasons: I have ten BTL sets sitting on a shelf, in my closet. And I'm moving soon. (Boo for packing. Boo for carrying moving boxes up and down stairs. Yay for husbands who go to the post office with packages.)

So I wrote up last week's post, and I wondered how long to have the giveaway run - two or three days? Five days? A week? I was worried that I might not get enough entrants to make it a good contest, what with giving away ten prize packs and all. I mean who wants to have a giveaway with ten prizes and get twenty entrants?

According to Punchtab, there were 1302 entrants with a total of 4652 entries.

Me: o.O

I've emailed all ten winners, and (so far), I've gotten three replies. So. Check your email, people! Check your spam boxes! Winners have 48 hours to respond. If someone doesn't respond, I'll have Punchtab choose a replacement - so yes, all of you who didn't win, cross your fingers for people to be lazy email-checkers. Trust me - it could happen. Stay tuned!

(Random Somewhat-Related Story: When I was an undergrad academic advisor, I had students every semester who desperately wanted into a full class. They begged and pleaded, while I tried to make them understand that we based the maximum enrollment on the number of chairs in the room. I had to get very hard-hearted, which wasn't easy for me, because I'm naturally a soft-hearted person. But I had a secret weapon, and I gave it to the students who were respectful in their begging: Tuition has a due date. People who don't pay or make arrangements to pay by the due date are dropped from their schedules. At midnight. I always wondered if administration caught on that a LOT of my students signed on at 12:01 AM the day after tuition was due and snatched up those vacated seats??)

Tammara Webber

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