Auditory Inspiration

There are writing periods that call for utter silence - creating dialogue passages, for instance. But more often than not, when I'm writing, I've got music going in the background. Like other authors, certain songs inspire me when writing particular characters or scenes.

I replayed "Hardliners" by Holcombe Waller (while writing Easy) and "Anywhere But Here" by SafetySuit (while writing Good For You) so many times each that I could sing both of them from memory. (Trust me when I say no one wants me to sing them. I could perhaps recite them, à la William Shatner... but yeah, no singing.) The romantic lyrics and musical styles were perfect fits for my intended story destinations. Listening to these songs kept me on track.

I recently narrowed my playlists from each of my books, and assigned a song to each chapter. You can find the lists on the book pages under my blog header (tabs, above), or just go straight to my YouTube channel to listen to them. (I think someone made up a Spotify playlist of my song choices from Easy, after asking if I was going to do it - after which I probably said, "Huh?" Because I'm sort of at my limit just maneuvering around YouTube, people.) :)

Tammara Webber

New York Times and international bestselling author of contemporary romantic fiction