Limited Time SALE

The first three books in my BETWEEN THE LINES series are all on sale (ebooks/US only) for $1.99 each. (Sale price available on AmazonBarnes & NobleiBooks and Kobo.) This is the cheapest I'll ever offer them - in fact, it's the cheapest the second and third books have ever been.

BTW, I looked up photos for this post depicting "SALE" and got this:

Here's the description - I SWEAR TO GOD:
"Pretty woman holding big old key with her teethes."


My first book, Between the Lines, was published over two years ago, followed by Where You Are and Good For You. The series centers on the personal lives and interactions between a group of young Hollywood celebs, would-be celebs and their friends. Basically, a bunch of hot, talented actors being hot and talented on and off screen.

I searched for "HOT GUYS" on that same photo site, because I learn slowly.

I got this:

No. Goddammit. NO.

Let's try that again:

Oh. My. GOD. He's not even... *facepalm*

Once more, and that's it. I swear.

This is… better... But WTFH are they doing?
"Baby, I'ma fly you out of this pool with my big, strong forearms."

FINE, Interwebs. Never mind the hot guys.

Anyway, then I took a break to write Easy, and last month, I finally wrapped up the BTL series with Here Without You

I've learned a lot about writing and story-telling along the way, such as what happens when you make readers LOATHE one of your characters. (Apparently I'm good at that.) So for those who detested a certain boy through the first two books so badly that they utterly refused to read his story?

Please. Try the third book. It's only $1.99 right now. Whaddaya got to lose?

Well, I guess $1.99 and your valuable time. But seriously, Good For You is the only book of mine I can read without cringing and thinking I should just rewrite this whole thing! because writers are super self-critical on what we write, unless our heads have problems fitting through doors.

Want to see actual hot guys? Go look at my FB photos depicting Reid, the gorgeous, smartass, celebrity man-whore who heads up the series. I'll try my best to make you fall for him, though you won't believe me for a while, and you might fall for someone else first...

Tammara Webber

New York Times and international bestselling author of contemporary romantic fiction