Last week, I checked my calendar for the details of an end-of-March conference being held by my local RWA chapter. At which point I realized I hadn't even signed up for it yet. *insert facepalm*

Then I found out there was a booksigning associated with the conference... which I didn't know about. (It may be time for me to get a personal assistant. Don't tell Moose. He thinks that's his job title.)

Moose, Personal Assistant:  I Do All the Things.

Moose, Personal Assistant: I Do All the Things.

I signed up for the conference and emailed the people in charge to ask if it was too late to join the booksigning event. They were way cool about it, and along with my publicist, got everything taken care of. (PHEW!)

Except for the fact that it's now two weeks until a booksigning I hadn't publicized - given the not-knowing-about-it part.

People seem to like it when I give things to them. And going by comments, tweets and posts, what people want most from me at the moment is BREAKABLE.

So here's the deal: Bring or buy a copy of EASY (B&N promises to have 25 copies on hand) for me to sign, and you'll be entered in a giveaway drawing for a SIGNED COPY OF BREAKABLE. (With fifteen well-established romance authors in attendance, I'm not expecting many people to show up for me. The chances of you winning that ARC are pretty darned good.)

Signing details: Barnes & Noble: Southlake, TX (March 30, 2014 at 2 PM)

I know most of you can't afford to drop by Texas in a couple of weeks (though we'd be happy to have you, I promise!). So there's a second chance giveaway below - same deal: one signed copy of BREAKABLE, mailed out as soon as my publisher sends me my box for family, friends, doorstops, and cat furniture. (I've been told "April" - which is a rather wide range of time - but technically pre-May 6th!) If you're considering or definitely attending the booksigning, you're welcome to sign up for the giveaway below, too. (FYI: If you win both I'll draw someone else for the giveaway below and then book the two of us on the first flight to Atlantic City.)

**Winners of both giveaways will be emailed by March 31st and will have 24 hours to answer, so check those emails, people!**

(Punchtab Giveaway Ended)

Tammara Webber

New York Times and international bestselling author of contemporary romantic fiction