Obrigada, Brasil!

Last week, I got on a plane and traveled over 5200 miles (8300 kilometers) to meet readers in Brazil! My fabulous publisher, Verus Editora (an imprint of Grupo Editorial Record) arranged for signings in three major cities.

First up was São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil - home to more than eleven million people. From the air it was ginormous to this Texas girl! I was a wee bit worse for wear at the signing, having arrived from DFW that morning after a 10-four, overnight flight (and still transitioning the four-hour jet lag), but everyone was excited and incredibly sweet so I hoped they didn't notice.

So much love. :)

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The next day, we got up and flew to Rio de Janeiro. Our host/ translator/ publisher contact guy in Brazil was Guilherme. (Gui to heathens who can't pronounce his name. Ahem.) For lunch, he took us to a cool little Brazilian BBQ place with a great view of Sugarloaf. See that mountain on the left? There are cables strung from the top to the hill below... on which cable cars run back and forth. I immediately threatened to make my husband go, because he's not fond of heights and I have a mean streak when jet-lagged. Who knew?

Gui and I plot to get my husband, Paul, into a wobbly cable car 1200 feet above the ground…
The view was breathtaking, even if Paul was certain he was going to fall to his death any minute for no reason.
(Spoiler alert: he didn't.)

The signing in Rio was just as amazing as the night before, because OMG, the enthusiasm of these readers nearly moved me to tears. Some of them had been waiting since early that morning, before I'd even boarded the plane from São Paulo! When I arrived, they were waiting with open arms (metaphorically speaking, since their actual arms were full of books!).

Readers like this are a Dream. Come. True.

Click here for MORE photos from the Rio de Janeiro event!


The last signing was in Belo Horizonte, which was the perfect wrap-up for this trip. The readers I met were mostly a lot like me: a little quiet and sorta shy and not saying much at first, but every bit the romance lovers as their exuberant counterparts in Rio and SP. I'm so happy I was able to squeeze in an extra event day in Brazil.

Those smiles!! My heart is bursting.
One final question for residents of Belo Horizonte:
WHY is this cupcake crying???

Tammara Webber

New York Times and international bestselling author of contemporary romantic fiction