Sweet Playlist

My playlist for Sweet broke my personal record for the number of tracks it had amassed by the time I finished writing: 128. If you've checked my book descriptions, you'll have found a playlist for every book with a song assigned to each chapter. Paring down original playlists I build while writing is always a challenge, but this one took the cake! This time around, there are a few bonuses past the ones assigned to individual chapters.

You may notice that one particular band dominates the list: Green River Ordinance. The primary reason is that their songs are perfect illustrations of Boyce and Pearl's relationship. The secondary reason is these boys are from my hometown, which makes their awesomeness even more awesome to me! Their sound is alternative and folksy with a little country edge thrown in for good measure.

Find the whole playlist under the book description, or on my YouTube channel.


Tammara Webber

New York Times and international bestselling author of contemporary romantic fiction