Birthing a Book

I've just sent my seventh book out into the world.

Proof copies. So pretty on my kitchen counter!
Like flowers my cats can't destroy.

The birth of a book is a formidable event for most authors, no matter how excited we are. Like giving birth in a physical sense, there is an unavoidable loss of control while a million emotions battle for first place - from tenacious optimism to sheer terror.

Recently, someone asked me if the process gets easier with each subsequent book, and I couldn't help but laugh. In some ways, yes, experience pays. That's true of anything we human beings do (hopefully); the more we do a thing, the more skilled and seasoned we become. At the same time, expectations increase from one book to the next - those of the author, the publisher, the critics and the readers. This is especially true if we're ever wildly successful with one particular project.

Sweet is a slow-burn, character-driven romance about a love founded in friendship - my favorite to read and my favorite to write. Why? Because I believe the concept of friends-to-lovers is not merely a romantic trope. Because my heart knows this type of narrative inside and out, but never grows tired of it. Because friends who fall for each other is the best of real-life-love possibilities.

Happy book birthday, Sweet.

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