EASY in Target!

More than a decade ago, I joined my mommy peers in making Target one of the best one-stop places to shop in the US.

Whether I needed an ADHD prescription filled, supplies for someone's due-tomorrow science project papier mâché bug, an emergency jacket for child-who-shall-not-be-named (who must have achieved some sort of world record for losing jackets), a just-released DVD, desk chair or baby shower gift, ingredients to make dinner or holiday decorations to replace the ones I accidentally threw out one year - Target had me covered.

They also have a small, perfect little section of books.

One of my friends calls that section of the store her guilty pleasure. "I reward myself with a new book for getting all my shopping done!" she says. I agree. Except the guilt part. That's what the wine section is for. ;)

When I dreamed of being an author, though, this was even beyond those dreams:

(Handy yellow circle not included.)


My book is in Target.

My book is in TARGET.


When you're picking up the ten bags of bite-sized candy you'll be handing out on Halloween, check it out. (If you buy a copy and want a signed bookplate for it check my SHOP tab for instructions!)