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You have a bunch of books. Where should I start? I usually tell new readers to begin with Easy, but see the next question for alternate choices.

Can [insert title here] be read as a standalone? These can be read without reading anything before or after: Easy and Sweet (from the Contours of the Heart® series), Between the Lines and Good For You (from the Between the Lines series). The others are supporting novels, though none of my books have cliffhanger endings. 

Is Breakable a sequel to Easy? Breakable is Lucas's story - a companion novel to Easy. It's part prequel, part Easy-overlap in Lucas's point of view. (I wrote Easy as a standalone novel for a specific audience about a specific issue. I wrote Breakable for readers who want a more in-depth look at Lucas's past and his view of Jacqueline and the Easy story.)

Will Easy/Breakable have a sequel? No sequels is planned for Lucas and Jacqueline. (Here's a post I wrote about sequels and conflict: Conflict Makes a Novel Go Round. That "new story" I mention at the end of the post? That story was Easy.)

Do you plan to write more about the characters in the Between the Lines series? At this time, this four-book series is complete.

Will [insert title here] be released in my language? To date, Easy has been acquired for translation in twenty-four languages! Please check my Translations Page for links and additional translated books. 

I'm a reviewer. Do you give away swag? Please include links to reviews you've done of my book(s) on your blog/website. I get many requests for giveaway swag from awesome, hardworking book reviewers, and I respect the effort each and every one of you put into your work! That said, if you want me to help promote your blog, I'd like to see that you're helping me promote my work, since that's how I pay my mortgage. ;)

May I interview you? I've given lots of interviews, so new questions and/or topics are appreciated! Please include a link to your blog/website with your request, and the general topic of the interview (or the questions themselves). You may hear back from my publicist or from me directly.

How'd you get published? Any success I've enjoyed as an author can be attributed to a combination of hard work, blind luck, and fantastic emotional support. Most questions are answered in this post: Indie Writing FAQs or this Kirkus guest post: How I Did It. Need a critique partner or writing circle? Here's one of many places to start: Finally, sometimes you just need to put your butt in the seat. Here are my Rules of the Writing Cave.

Will you read and/or blurb my book? I'm flattered by requests to read and/or endorse other authors' works, but my time is limited by writing and critique partner obligations. I only promote books (in blurbs, reviews, or on social media) that I've read and loved, and these are generally books I choose for myself or those recommended by a trusted book blogger or close friend. (If I've publicly recommended your book, I'm probably game for a blurb! As a professional courtesy, please ask before quoting a portion of a review or post as an endorsement.)

Other questions? Please use my Contact form to send them directly to me. :)